• FAQs
  • What are your delivery/pick up times?

    We start delivering at 6:00am and start picking up at 6:00pm that same day. We pick up in the same order that we drop off. This way everyone has their rental for the same amount of time. We try to be as fair as possible. If you have a specific time schedule, please let us know when you make your reservation.  We will try to accommodate your request. Or you can always request an “overnight" rental for $40 extra.

  • What if it rains?

    We live in South Louisiana…rain is unpredictable! We will deliver rain or shine! (with the exception of tropical storms or hurricanes) If you feel you need to cancel due to weather, please let us know ASAP so that we may get your unit re-rented. Most rain showers pass thru quickly. It is ok to enjoy your rental in the rain. If lightening starts, please seek shelter & do not continue playing on the inflatable until the lightening is over & it is safe to return. DO NOT DEFLATE ANY OF OUR INFLATABLES!

  • When should I cut my grass?

    We recommend mowing your yard about 2 or 3 days before your party. This will prevent fresh cut wet grass from being tracked into your house. We also request that you pick up all pet droppings.

  • When do I pay?

    We require payment in full at the time of delivery. We do not require deposits except on holidays. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

  • What kind of discounts do you offer?

    We offer school & church discounts, multiple unit discounts (1/2 off 2nd unit), multiple day discounts (1/2 off 2nd day), weekday discounts & frequent renters discounts (1/2 off 5th rental). We also offer other random discounts & coupon give-a-ways on our Facebook page.

  • Do you offer weekday rentals?

    Yes we offer rentals 7 days a week. Some Monday-Thursday rentals are also discounted.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Bourg. This is where we do all of our inspecting, cleaning & sanitizing. We do not have a facility open to the public at this time. You may view photos of all of our units on our website & on our Facebook page.